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Finding Trust in Difficult Times: Bishop’s Visit to ACK Kianyaga Church

The spirit of trust and faithfulness reverberated at ACK Kianyaga Church today the 17thJune, 2024, as the esteemed Diocesan Bishop, Dr. Joseph Karimi Kibucwa, graced the congregation with his presence. The occasion encompassed a Confirmation Service, Holy Communion, and Thanksgiving, highlighting the church’s commitment to spiritual growth and communal support. This article captures the essence of the event, focusing on the Bishop’s impactful message, the warm hospitality extended, and the collective spirit of worship.

A Day of Spiritual Milestones: Bishop’s Visit

ACK Kianyaga Church witnessed a momentous event as the Diocesan Bishop led a Confirmation Service, Holy Communion, and Thanksgiving. This significant visit underscored the congregation’s dedication to both spiritual and practical facets of their journey.

Divine Inspiration: Sharing from Psalm 20 on Trust

The Bishop’s message emanated from Psalm 20, with a powerful focus on the theme of “trust in difficult times.” The congregation was uplifted by the Bishop’s words, which carried resonance and significance for their faith journey. The exploration of trust from a spiritual perspective served as a guiding light for the attendees during challenging times.

Warm Hosts and Collaborators: Acknowledging the Welcoming Spirit

Ven. Mary Muringo, along with Rev. Dan, served as the gracious hosts to the Bishop, embodying the spirit of hospitality. Their presence underscored the collective involvement and support within the church community.

An Array of Faith Leaders: Collaborative Worship

The service saw a convergence of esteemed clergy members, including the Bishop’s Chaplain, Rev. Richard Muriuki, and Rev. Purity. This collaborative effort showcased the unity and shared purpose within the church’s leadership.

Celebrating Faith and Fellowship

The visit of the Diocesan Bishop to ACK Kianyaga Church marked a celebration of faith, fellowship, and trust. The Confirmation Service and Holy Communion reflected the congregation’s dedication to spiritual enrichment and communal support. The resonance of Psalm 20 on trust provided spiritual sustenance, while the presence of clergy members, including Ven. Mary Muringo, Rev. Dan, Rev. Richard Muriuki, and Rev. Purity, underscored the collective commitment to worship and growth. As the Bishop’s visit left an indelible mark, the congregation was inspired to continue their journey of faith, trust, and unity.

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