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Igniting Zeal for God’s Work: Bishop Joseph Kibucwa Unveils Foundation Stone of ACK Rwamuthabi Church

A fervent spirit of dedication and zeal for God’s work illuminated the occasion as Bishop Joseph Kibucwa unveiled the foundation stone of the new daughter church, ACK Rwamuthabi Church, a branch of Baricho parish. The theme of the event revolved around cultivating an unwavering zeal for the work of the Almighty. This article captures the essence of the event, emphasizing the significance of zeal in the context of divine service.

Dedication and Unveiling: A Spiritual Milestone

The event marked a significant step as Bishop Joseph Kibucwa unveiled the foundation stone of ACK Rwamuthabi Church, a testament to the growth of the Baricho parish’s spiritual outreach. The occasion was imbued with a shared sense of dedication to the divine calling.

The Theme of Zeal for God’s Work

The theme of the event was centered on nurturing a passionate zeal for God’s work. Bishop Kibucwa’s message underscored the importance of zeal as a burning passion for carrying out God’s ministry on Earth.

Lessons from Zealous Biblical Figures

Bishop Kibucwa drew upon the experiences of three notable figures in the Bible who exhibited an ardent zeal for God’s work:

  1. David’s Consuming Zeal: The biblical narrative of David’s zealous pursuit of God’s work was highlighted. David’s deep-seated passion was so consuming that he proclaimed that the zeal for the Lord’s work had overtaken him, as depicted in Psalm 60:6.
  2. Phineas’s Bold Stand: Phineas’s example of bold action was presented. He halted temple desecration and confronted a prostituting couple, showing his unyielding zeal for the sanctity of God’s house.
  3. Elijah’s Confrontation of Idolatry: Elijah’s fierce confrontation of idolatry under Jezebel’s reign was showcased. His unwavering zeal for purifying Israel from idol worship served as an inspiration.

Emulating Jesus’s Zeal: An Exhortation

Bishop Kibucwa encouraged Christians to emulate Jesus’s zeal, exemplified through his cleansing of the temple. This event underscored the importance of displaying fervent dedication in carrying out God’s work, just as Jesus demonstrated.

Reflecting on Personal Zeal: Where Is Your Zeal?

The event concluded with Bishop Kibucwa posing a thought-provoking question to attendees: “Where is your zeal in God’s work?” This query prompted introspection on individual commitment and passion for God’s ministry.

Anticipating Consecration: ACK Rwamuthabi Church

As the foundation stone of ACK Rwamuthabi Church was unveiled and commissioned, it marked the initiation of a journey toward consecration. The event symbolized the commitment to creating a spiritual sanctuary for worship and community growth.

Bishop Joseph Kibucwa’s unveiling of the foundation stone of ACK Rwamuthabi Church echoed with the call to cultivate an unyielding zeal for God’s work. The theme of passion and dedication was underscored through biblical examples of fervent individuals. Attendees were challenged to mirror Jesus’s zealous pursuit of divine ministry and evaluate their own dedication. The occasion not only celebrated the beginning of a new church branch but also ignited a collective call to serve God’s purpose with unwavering fervor and enthusiasm.

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