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Men’s Service to God and Humanity: KAMA Rally and Enrollment Service at ACK St. Thomas Cathedral Kerugoya

Today,June 29th 2024, the spirit of service and dedication filled the air at the KAMA Rally and Enrollment Service held at ACK St Thomas Cathedral Kerugoya. The event was marked by the enrollment of 165 men into the KAMA department, underlining the community’s commitment to serving both God and humanity. Ven Canon Jonathan Kabiru from the Nairobi Diocese delivered an inspiring sermon, drawing from Acts 10:1-7 and Matthew 25:14-30, to emphasize the importance of men’s service in various facets of life.

A Call to Service: Preacher’s Message

Ven Canon Jonathan Kabiru’s sermon, titled “Men’s Service to God and Humanity,” provided profound insights into the role of men in society. Drawing from the parable in Matthew 25:14-30, he highlighted five key points:

1. Success is a Product of Our Work: Drawing from the initial commissioning of Adam by God in Genesis, the preacher emphasized that success is rooted in diligent work and dedication.

2. God Equips Us for His Will: The sermon reminded the congregation that God provides all that is necessary to accomplish His will, equipping each individual to perform their unique roles.

3. Importance of Diverse Gifts: While acknowledging that everyone is differently gifted, the preacher stressed the significance of working towards a sustainable church and community, valuing every contribution.

4. Serving the Master: The message emphasized that our work should be for God’s glory, not for selfish gain, recognizing God as our Master to whom we owe our service and devotion.

5. Accountability: Highlighting the importance of stewardship, the preacher reminded the congregation that they would be held accountable for all that they have been entrusted with, encouraging them to seize every opportunity to serve.

Principles for Effective Service

Ven Canon Jonathan Kabiru also outlined key principles for effective service:

1. Entrustment: As fathers, husbands, and Christians, individuals are entrusted with responsibilities. The sermon posed a reflective question: How well have we fulfilled our roles?

2. Acknowledging Abilities: Recognizing that everyone has different abilities, the preacher urged the congregation to utilize their unique talents and capabilities for the Kingdom’s work.

3. Prompt Response: Emphasizing the need for prompt action, the message underscored the importance of not postponing responsibilities, highlighting that even small actions can make a significant impact.

4. Gaining over Losing: The preacher encouraged striving for excellence in daily endeavors, with God’s help, to achieve progress and advancement.

5. Recognition and Commendation: Faithfulness in service leads to recognition from the Master. The sermon emphasized that God rewards diligent and faithful efforts.

6. Overcoming Fear: Fear is a hindrance to development. The third servant in the parable feared and failed to deliver. Even in challenging economic times, the preacher reminded the congregation of God’s unwavering sovereignty, citing the example of Cornelius in Acts, who remained devoted despite not being a Jew.

Conclusion: Celebrating Commitment and Service

The KAMA Rally and Enrollment Service at Kerugoya was a testament to the commitment of 165 men who were enrolled in the KAMA department for 2024. Ven Canon Jonathan Kabiru’s powerful sermon resonated deeply, inspiring the attendees to embrace their roles with dedication and faithfulness. The event underscored the importance of service to God and humanity, encouraging men to rise above challenges and fulfill their divine responsibilities with courage and steadfastness.

Correspondence: Kerugoya

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