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Positioning for Spiritual Renewal: KAMA Enrollment Service in ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga

A transformative atmosphere pervaded the ACK St. Thomas Cathedral, Kerugoya, as Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, a stalwart of the ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga, presided over the KAMA enrollment service. The congregation united in a spiritual journey marked by reflection on Luke 19:1-19, where the essence of positioning oneself in the Word was illuminated. This article captures the essence of the service, delving into the profound message shared and the call to reposition ourselves for spiritual growth.

Spiritual Journey through Scripture: Positioning in the Word

The enrollment service commenced with a compelling exploration of Luke 19:1-19, which resonated with the theme of positioning oneself in the Word. The narrative of Zacchaeus’s encounter with Jesus held deep relevance in highlighting the need for the church to position itself for spiritual thriving.

Learning from History: Israel’s Temple Construction and Decay

An analogy was drawn between the historical narrative of Israel building God’s temple and their subsequent shift towards constructing their own homes. This transition led to neglecting God’s ministry and ultimately decay. This phenomenon was paralleled to the present context, where there’s a risk of spiritual decay if the church loses focus on its divine calling.

Spiritual Decay and Restoration: A Parallel with Our Lives

The parallels between Israel’s temple decay and our own spiritual lives were emphasized. The speaker, Rev. Haron Wamuratha, compared the temple’s deterioration to how prolonged separation from God can lead to spiritual decay in our own lives.

Positioning for Renewal: The Example of Zacchaeus

The example of Zacchaeus served as a beacon of hope for restoration. He recognized the need to make things right and took decisive action. Climbing a tree to see Jesus symbolized the proactive steps he took to position himself for a transformative encounter.

Lessons from Zacchaeus: Positioning for Change

Zacchaeus’s story underscored the importance of positioning oneself correctly to invite positive change. Rev. Haron Wamuratha called upon the congregation to take similar steps in their lives, aligning themselves with God’s Word to steer away from decay.

Call to Spiritual Renewal and Restoration

Rev. Haron Wamuratha’s impassioned message resonated with a call for spiritual renewal and restoration. The congregation was urged to address their personal lives, families, and ministries, acknowledging areas of decay and proactively pursuing change.

The KAMA enrollment service at ACK St. Thomas Cathedral, Kerugoya, proved to be a pivotal moment of spiritual reflection and transformation. The power of positioning oneself in the Word, as exemplified by Zacchaeus’s story, resonated profoundly. Through the sermon by Rev. Haron Wamuratha, attendees were reminded of the need to recognize areas of spiritual decay and proactively position themselves for renewal. As Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa presided over the service, the congregation left inspired to embrace change, aligning their lives with God’s Word and positioning themselves for a renewed spiritual journey.

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