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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Inspires Excellence at Mutira Girls High School

In a dynamic afternoon session, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa visited Mutira Girls High School, where he commissioned a new class flats building and offered blessings to the Form 4 candidates. His presence brought a sense of spiritual grace and motivation to the school community.

Commissioning of New Class Flats Building

The Bishop’s visit was marked by the commissioning of a new class flats building, a testament to the continuous growth and development of Mutira Girls High School. This addition is set to provide an enhanced learning environment for the students, fostering a conducive atmosphere for academic excellence.

A Final Push Toward Success

Addressing the Form 4 candidates, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa shared words of encouragement and empowerment. He urged them to summon their utmost determination and give a final push towards their academic goals. With the aim set at an impressive 9.5 mean score points, the Bishop’s message resonated deeply with the students, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.

Seeking Divine Blessings

As the candidates prepared to embark on their final exams, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa invoked divine blessings upon them. His prayer encompassed not only academic success but also a sense of fulfillment and self-discovery in this crucial phase of their lives.

A Day of Inspiration and Growth

The afternoon program at Mutira Girls High School became a memorable occasion, marked by Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa’s uplifting presence. The commissioning of the new class flats building stands as a symbol of progress, while the Bishop’s words of encouragement resonate as a beacon of hope and determination for the Form 4 candidates.

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