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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Leads Service in Thanksgiving and Reflection on Reverend Mboi’s Retirement

In a service marked by gratitude and reflection, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa set the stage by delving into the ways God reveals Himself to humankind. Through personal encounters and the revelation of His essence, God’s name becomes known to individuals. Bishop highlighted these points, drawing examples from biblical narratives of Haggai and Ishmael’s experiences in the wilderness.

Sermon on 1 Samuel 7

The sermon, based on 1 Samuel 7, commenced with Samuel’s call for deep repentance among the people. This text follows the Philistines’ affliction by God’s wrath for taking the Ark of the Covenant, eventually returning it to Israel. Samuel instructed the people to discard their idols, leading to a collective repentance. Subsequently, God enabled the Israelites to repel the Philistines from their land, marked by Samuel’s establishment of an altar, signifying God’s presence.

Reflection on Reverend Mboi’s Journey

Bishop Kibucwa reflected humorously on the journey of Reverend Mboi, reminiscing about his early ministry days when he used to cycle to Kabare with a remarkably clean bicycle. Now, as Reverend Mboi retires, Bishop emphasized the blessings that have been showered upon him over the years.

Call to Reflect on Progress and Gratitude

Drawing parallels, the Bishop urged the congregation to reflect on their personal journeys. He recounted times of social and economic struggles for basic needs, now thankfully accessible. Similarly, difficulties in raising ministry funds contrast with the current ability to fulfill these obligations. Bishop Kibucwa called upon the congregation to respond to God’s call to service with a heart of gratitude, acknowledging the tremendous progress made.

Service Attendees

The service was attended by a substantial number of individuals, including clergy from the Wanguru Archdeaconry led by Archdeacon Julius Kiura, clergy from various dioceses, Christians from parishes served by Reverend Mboi, as well as friends and relatives. The collective assembly came together to extend blessings and well-wishes to Reverend Mboi and his family as he steps into a new phase of retired ministry.

Presiding Bishop: Dr. Joseph Kibucwa

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