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Divine Appointment: Fulfilling God’s Will

In a profound message delivered during a confirmation service at ACK Kirimugu, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa underscored the significance of recognizing divine appointments in our lives, drawing inspiration from the transformative encounter of Paul in Acts 9.

Paul’s Divine Appointment

The Bishop referenced the remarkable transformation of Saul to Paul, highlighting how God orchestrates events in our lives to fulfill His will.

Christian by Divine Appointment

He reminded believers that their identity as Christians is not self-appointed but divinely ordained. By seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, individuals can align themselves with God’s purposes.

Joy in Fulfilling God’s Mandate

Rather than viewing church obligations as burdensome, Bishop encouraged Christians to embrace them as opportunities to experience God’s grace and participate in His work.

Through this message, attendees were encouraged to discern God’s hand in their lives, trusting in His divine appointments to lead them closer to fulfilling His will and experiencing His abundant grace.

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