Decision 2022

Swearing-in of MPs and Senators

Members of the National Assembly and Senators-elect on Thursday took the oath of office.This follows the August 9 general election that saw Kenyans elect new leaders for the next five years.After taking the oath, the next order of business for the legislators is to elect the Speaker of the National Assembly.

During the swearing-in ceremony, however, there is always a procedure to be followed which includes an order in which the MPs take the oath.

This order is contained in the National Assembly Standing Orders under the swearing-in of new members and election of the speaker.

The oath is usually administered by the Clerk of the Assembly.The first person to take the oath is anyone who has previously served as Speaker of the National Assembly.

They are followed by MPs who have previously served as Majority leaders of the National Assembly, then followed by those who have served as Minority leaders at the assembly.

All who have served as deputy speakers of the House come fourth in order, followed by those with the longest serving cumulative years as members of the National Assembly.

These are followed by members with cumulative years of service at the senate and the East African Legislative Assembly.

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