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Pastoral Visit and Confirmation Service at Kabonge Secondary School

Today, the Bishop made a special pastoral visit to Kabonge Secondary School to pray with students, teachers, and support staff, despite the school not being officially sponsored by the church. The service took place at ACK Kabonge Church, with a message focused on

 "Becoming the Favoured Youth."

During the visit, the Bishop also held a pastoral meeting with the teaching staff, offering encouragement and prayers. This visit sparked discussions about a potential affiliation that could be mutually beneficial.

Key Highlights:

Message Theme: Becoming the Favoured Youth

  • The Bishop’s sermon inspired students to strive to be favored by God through righteous living and dedication to their studies and spiritual growth.

Confirmation and Holy Communion:

  • Eleven candidates were confirmed.
  • One individual was readmitted to Holy Communion.

Pastoral Engagement:

  • The Bishop had a meaningful pastoral session with the teaching staff, providing spiritual support and discussing ways to enhance the school’s environment.


  • Rev. Gacanja
  • School Chaplain Rev. Purity

The visit was seen as a positive step towards building a stronger relationship between the church and the school, aiming for future collaborations that will benefit both the students and the community.

Correspondent: ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga

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