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Let Us Go to the Other Side: Bishop’s Message at ACK Ndomba Church

In a profound and spiritually uplifting service at ACK Ndomba Church, the Diocesan Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa made a compelling call for everyone facing life’s storms to journey forward with faith and courage. The occasion, held at Kamigua Parish, included a Confirmation Service, the laying of a foundation stone, and Holy Communion. This article delves into the Bishop’s powerful sermon, the warm hospitality extended by the hosts, and the collective spirit of worship that marked the day.

Understanding the Context

Before delving into his sermon, the Bishop provided a three-period analysis to help the congregation better understand the story of Jesus and his mission. These periods offer a framework for comprehending how people came to know Jesus:

1. Period of Obscurity (Confusion about Jesus’ Identity): During this time, people were uncertain about who Jesus was. Even his relatives thought he was out of his mind and tried to restrain him.

2. Period of Popularity (Revelation of His Identity): Through miracles, healings, and feeding thousands, Jesus revealed his divine nature. Many followed him, and Peter’s confession marked the climax of this period.

3. Period of Competition Leading to Crucifixion: This was when the Pharisees, Sadducees, and zealots saw Jesus as a competitor or failed messianic expectation, ultimately leading to his crucifixion.

Sermon Insights: Facing the Storms with Jesus

The Bishop’s sermon was based on the first period, focusing on an episode where Jesus calms a storm while in a boat with his disciples. The Bishop highlighted three key stages of encountering storms:

1. From a Great Storm to a Great Calm: The sermon emphasized that with Jesus in their boat, the disciples experienced a dramatic transition from a raging storm to perfect calm. The unexpected calm left the disciples in awe, underscoring the importance of having Jesus in our lives during tumultuous times.

2. Every Storm Has a Purpose: The Bishop reminded the congregation that every storm serves a purpose. It is essential to recognize that challenges can lead to growth and deeper faith.

3. Pray Even When You Don’t Feel His Presence: The Bishop encouraged everyone to pray persistently, even when they don’t feel Jesus’ presence. Believing in His power and faithfulness is crucial, as Jesus always hears and answers prayers.

Warm Hosts and Collaborative Worship

Rev. Grace Muchiri served as the gracious host, embodying the spirit of hospitality. The event also saw the participation of the church community in Kamigua Parish, highlighting the collective effort in worship and celebration.

Conclusion: Embracing Faith and Moving Forward

The Bishop’s visit to ACK Ndomba Church was a testament to faith, unity, and resilience. The Confirmation Service, laying of the foundation stone, and Holy Communion reflected the congregation’s dedication to spiritual and communal growth. The sermon on facing life’s storms with Jesus offered profound insights and encouragement. As the Bishop’s message resonated deeply, the congregation was inspired to move forward with trust and unwavering faith, ready to face any storm with Jesus by their side.

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