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Confirmation Service Held at ACK Faith Church Kiambuku in Kiamugumo Parish

Theme: Jesus’ Caution to Apostle Peter

The ACK Faith Church in Kiambuku, Kiamugumo Parish, hosted a significant confirmation service on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The event was led by Ven. Winfred Munene and featured a powerful sermon by Rt. Rev. Dr. J. K. Kibucwa, based on John 21:20-25, with the theme “Jesus’ Caution to Apostle Peter.”

Key Points from the Sermon:

  1. Do Not Be Coveting:
    • Focus on your own work and the gifts God has given you.
    • Peter, seeing the disciple Jesus loved most, felt jealousy and discomfort. Jesus cautioned Peter to concentrate on his own path.
  2. Do Not Be Competing (Mark 10:35-40):
    • Engage in healthy competition.
    • The disciples often argued about who was the greatest. Jesus taught that true greatness comes from humility and servanthood.
  3. Do Not Be Controlling:
    • Avoid a controlling leadership style that stifles others’ independence.
    • Peter attempted to control who was closest to Jesus, but Jesus instructed him to focus on his own responsibilities.

What Should We Be?

  • Be Committed:
    • Our primary duty is to follow Christ. This dedication ensures that everything else will fall into place for the Church.
    • Commitment to Christ allows us to use our gifts and talents effectively.
    • A committed congregation experiences peace and harmony without unnecessary competition.


  • The Path to Greatness:
    • Greatness is achieved through servanthood.
    • The ultimate goal should be to follow Christ faithfully.

The confirmation service was a profound reminder of the importance of humility, commitment, and focusing on our God-given paths. The congregation left with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to following Christ’s teachings.

Event Details:

  • Venue: ACK Faith Church, Kiambuku
  • Host: Ven. Winfred Munene
  • Preacher: Rt. Rev. Dr. J. K. Kibucwa
  • Reading: John 21:20-25
  • Service: Confirmation

Correspondence: KIAMUGUMO

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