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ACK St. Thomas Cathedral Hosts 2024 Mother’s Union Rally

Hundreds Attend Transformative Event Focused on Women’s Roles

Yesterday, ACK St. Thomas Cathedral was the venue for the highly anticipated 2024 Mother’s Union Rally. Hundreds of women gathered to hear an empowering and insightful message based on Exodus 1:1-21, delivered by the event’s preacher. The focus of the sermon was on becoming an effective woman through faith, resilience, and empowerment.

Key Points from the Sermon:

  1. Entrusted with Trouble:
    • The preacher emphasized that God often entrusts women with troubles, which are opportunities for growth and leadership.
    • Women become adept at solving problems at the level of crises they have experienced and overcome, making them authorities in those areas.
  2. Custodians of Divine Secrets:
    • Women are more spiritual compared to men, who tend to be more logical. This spiritual sensitivity allows women to be entrusted with divine mandates.
    • Women have the unique ability to “midwife” destinies, helping others reach their God-given potential.
  3. Custodians of Destiny:
    • Women play a critical role in nurturing and shielding destinies to maturity.
    • To support this role, women are encouraged to seek economic empowerment and instill a culture of the fear of God in their children.

Special Announcements:

  • Aid for Flood Victims:
    • The Bishop made a heartfelt appeal for assistance to those affected by recent floodwaters in Kirinyaga. Contributions can be made via the paybill number 764836.

The rally not only reinforced the spiritual and societal roles of women but also highlighted the importance of economic empowerment and the nurturing of future generations. The event was a significant reminder of the integral part women play in shaping both families and communities.

Venue: ACK St. Thomas Cathedral
Event: Mother’s Union Rally 2024
Focus: Empowerment and Spiritual Growth of Women
Special Appeal: Aid for Flood Victims in Kirinyaga (Paybill number 764836)

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