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Kiamutuira Secondary and Primary Schools Thanksgiving and Candidates’ Prayers

Kiamutuira Secondary and Primary Schools held a heartfelt Thanksgiving and Candidates’ Prayers service, emphasizing the importance of nurturing and guiding children to grow in the likeness of Jesus. The service, drawing from Luke 2:40-52, highlighted several key points for parents and guardians to consider in their role as primary influencers in their children’s lives.

Key Messages:

  1. Role Models Matter: Just as Jesus grew under the guidance of his earthly parents, children today need parents who serve as good role models. The presence of a positive role model is crucial in a child’s development.
  2. Parental Involvement: Jesus was not a superhero with innate powers; he was a child nurtured by attentive and caring parents. Mary and Joseph’s search for Jesus illustrates their deep concern and involvement in his life.
  3. Self-Reflection for Parents: Parents were encouraged to reflect on the kind of role models they are to their children. Being a good role model means being godly and actively involved in their children’s lives.
  4. Godly Influence: The spiritual guidance of parents is paramount. Joseph received divine messages multiple times, and Mary once, indicating the importance of being receptive to God’s guidance as parents. The adage “Like father, like son” was emphasized to remind parents of their influential role.
  5. Time and Attention: Spending quality time with children, knowing their whereabouts, and being involved in their activities are critical aspects of good parenting.
  6. Focus and Education: Like Jesus, who sat at the feet of teachers to listen and ask questions, children should be encouraged to be focused on their education and spiritual growth.
  7. Submissiveness and Dedication: Parents and children alike were reminded of the importance of being submissive to their mission, whether it be in school, church, or family life.

The service concluded with prayers for the candidates, asking for divine guidance and blessings as they prepare for their upcoming examinations. The emphasis on family, education, and godliness set a hopeful tone for the students’ futures.

Host: Kiamutuira Schools Administration

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Correspondent: ACK Kirinyaga Diocese

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