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Top Nyanza KCSE Student Lewis Nyapara Wants To Study Medicine At Harvard University

Migosi Lewis Nyapara, a top student from Nyanza who posted straight A grades in the recently released results, now aspires to attend Harvard University.

Nyapara plans to study medicine at Harvard, specializing in cardiothoracic surgery, which will allow him to perform heart, lung, and esophageal surgeries.

He told Citizen Digital that taking the course will allow him to give back to society.

The student who sat for his KCSE exams at at Agoro Sare astounded the residents of Igonga village in Bonchari, Kisii, after scoring a perfect A in all subjects.

Hard work and determination did it for the 17-year-old, who was supported throughout school by well-wishers.

His parents, who are overjoyed, described Nyapara as very disciplined and with an unrivaled love for academics.

They hope that their son will one day be able to attend Harvard University in Cambridge.

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