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ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga Education Day Highlights the Importance of Education and Wholesome Family

Today, the A.C.K Diocese of Kirinyaga celebrated its annual Education Day at St. Thomas Cathedral, Kerugoya. The event was presided over by The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph K. Kibucwa, hosted by Ven. Canon John Ngecu, and featured a sermon by Rev. Dr. Jackson Ngari, based on Matthew 5:2-16. The theme for the day was

“Education & Wholesome Family,” with a focus on being a “Light on the Hill.”


  • Jesus’ teachings on the mountain emphasized the principles of the Kingdom.
  • Schools were likened to families where lights shine for others.
  • Students face challenges like low self-esteem, leading to negative behaviors.
  • Parents, teachers, and the Church should model students to overcome these challenges.
  • Emphasis on starting to be the light and salt of the earth now, not in the future.
  • Teachers should identify and nurture students’ talents.

Key Points from the Sermon:

  1. Verse 13:
    • God has placed each person in a unique position.
    • Be the salt and light of the world in your specific place.
    • Just as salt enhances food, positively change your environment.
    • Bring healing and restoration to your surroundings.
    • Shine brightly as the light of the world; do not hide your light (John 8:12).
  2. Words and Actions Reflect Faith:
    • Our words and actions should reflect our faith, serving as a testimony to others.

In a Nutshell:

  1. Aspire to Inspire Before You Expire:
    • Utilize God-given opportunities now, as time is fleeting.
  2. Impact Before You Depart:
    • Strive to influence people’s lives positively.
    • Consider what you will be remembered for and what you have done in your station.
  3. Touch Lives Before You’re Detached:
    • Build and leave a lasting legacy.
    • Embrace your responsibilities with positivity to deliver effectively.


  • A wholesome Church, family, or school is built on love, communication, respect, and forgiveness.

The event was deemed highly successful and received strong support from stakeholders, emphasizing the critical role of education in shaping a wholesome family and community.

By Correspondent: ACK Kirinyaga Diocese

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