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Reflecting on Belief and Abiding Faith: Lessons from Acts 13:28-33

In a thought-provoking sermon at ACK Thiba Church, Bishop delved into the juxtaposition of Christ’s resurrection and the importance of abiding by one’s beliefs, as outlined in Acts 13:28-33.

Key Scripture Passage:

 "And though they found in him no guilt worthy of death, they asked Pilate to have him executed" (Acts 13:28)

Sermon Highlights:

  1. Evidences of Christ’s Resurrection: Bishop highlighted eight compelling evidences of Christ’s resurrection, emphasizing the transformative power of this event.
  2. Abiding in Belief: Drawing from the account in Acts, Bishop reflected on how the religious authorities, despite hearing the message of God, failed to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. He urged Christians to remain steadfast in their beliefs and not waver like those who heard but did not believe.
  3. Confirmation of Faith: The confirmation of over 46 candidates served as a tangible expression of their commitment to abide by their beliefs in Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

Venue and Service

The powerful message was delivered at ACK Thiba Church during a confirmation service, where believers were encouraged to reflect on the importance of aligning their lives with the truths they profess.

As the congregation departed, they carried with them a renewed dedication to remain faithful to their beliefs, standing firm in their conviction of Christ’s resurrection and its profound impact on their lives.

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