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Proclamation of the Gospel at ACK Kithiriti Parish Yields Fruitful Responses

At ACK Kithiriti Parish, a profound service focusing on the importance of responding to the Gospel was held, featuring a sermon from Acts 13:13-52. The occasion marked a significant moment in the spiritual journey of the parishioners, as it underscored the various reactions to Paul’s preaching in Pisidian Antioch and led to meaningful commitments and actions within the community.

Key Responses Highlighted from Paul’s Preaching:

  1. Call to Proclamation of the Gospel: The service began with an emphasis on the universal call for Christians to proclaim the Gospel, mirroring Paul’s dedication in his missionary journeys.
  2. Invitation to Preach Again: Due to the evident transformation among the locals, Paul received a second invitation to preach, demonstrating the powerful impact of the Gospel message.
  3. City-Wide Response: The city responded in large numbers, gathering to hear the Gospel, showcasing the widespread interest and hunger for spiritual truth.
  4. Opposition from Religious Leaders: The sermon also highlighted how religious leaders slandered the message and the preacher, reflecting the challenges and opposition faced in spreading the Gospel.
  5. Gentile Conversion: A significant number of Gentiles embraced the Gospel, illustrating the inclusive nature of Christianity and the breaking of ethnic and cultural barriers.

Additional Three Responses:

  1. Encouragement and Strengthening of Believers: The new converts were encouraged and strengthened in their faith, ensuring they were grounded in their new beliefs.
  2. Formation of a Supportive Community: The believers formed a supportive community, helping each other grow in their spiritual journey and remain steadfast in their faith.
  3. Expansion of Evangelistic Efforts: The success of the preaching led to the expansion of evangelistic efforts, as more individuals were inspired to share the Gospel beyond their immediate circles.

Service Highlights:

  • Confirmation and Holy Communion: The service included the confirmation of candidates, affirming their commitment to their faith and participation in the Holy Communion.
  • Soul Saved: A poignant moment was the conversion of one individual who gave his life to Jesus, reflecting the transformative power of the Gospel.
  • Tree Planting: The service concluded with the planting of Hass trees, symbolizing growth, sustainability, and a commitment to nurturing both spiritual and environmental well-being.

Venue: ACK Kithiriti Parish

Service Type: Confirmation and Holy Communion

Sermon Theme: Apologetic – Defending and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel

The event at ACK Kithiriti Parish was not only a celebration of faith and commitment but also a testament to the enduring power of the Gospel to transform lives and communities.

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