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Better and Tastier Living: A Blueprint from Psalm 128

Psalm 128 provides a profound guide to a life beyond limits, a life that is better and tastier—a life blessed by God. The key elements highlighted in this family teaching are a testament to the joyous and fulfilled living that arises from a foundation of reverence for God.

  1. A Man Who Fears God: Emphasizing the importance of choosing the path of Godly fear, this foundation becomes the conduit through which blessings are bestowed. It sets the stage for a life filled with divine favor.
  2. Eating the Fruit of Labor: The promise extends to the fruits of one’s labor. This isn’t merely toil without reward but a commitment from God that one’s efforts will not be in vain, shielded from fraud and deceit.
  3. Fruitfulness in Marriage: For those in matrimony, the assurance of fruitfulness is granted. The blessing transcends marital status, encompassing all—married, single, or widowed—promising a life marked by fruitfulness.
  4. Greatness in Offspring: The descendants are destined for greatness, inheriting the blessings bestowed upon the family. Their achievements are foreseen to surpass even the accomplishments of the preceding generation.
  5. Influence Beyond Jerusalem: God’s blessings expand beyond the confines of the family, extending to the community. The promise of peace resonates, creating a ripple effect that influences not just the local environment but extends to international realms.

This teaching was the focal point of the re-dedication and confirmation service held at ADS Church, hosted by Rev Duncan Nyamu, with Rt Rev Dr Joseph Karimi presiding. The service served as a powerful reminder that a life anchored in the fear of God opens doors to blessings that transcend generations and impact the world.

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