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ACK Mutira Parish Emphasizes Remaining Connected: Insights from John 15

At ACK Mutira parish, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa delivered a profound message on the importance of remaining connected to Jesus, drawing from the timeless wisdom found in John 15.

Five Key Points of Remaining Connected:

  1. You Become Useful: Remaining connected to Jesus enables believers to fulfill their purpose and be effective in serving others.
  2. Prayer Fulfillment: Those who abide in Jesus find that their prayers are answered, reflecting the promise of Jesus that whatever is asked in His name will be given.
  3. Experience of God’s Love: Connection to Jesus allows individuals to experience the depth of God’s love, bringing a sense of security and assurance.
  4. Experience of God’s Joy: Through abiding in Jesus, believers find true joy, transcending circumstances and filling their hearts with divine contentment.
  5. Fruitfulness: Connectedness to Jesus leads to spiritual fruitfulness, where lives are transformed and blessings abound in all endeavors.

Confirmation Service

The congregation witnessed the confirmation of over 60 candidates, symbolizing their commitment to remain connected to Jesus and bear fruit in their lives.

Construction Blessing

Additionally, the Bishop blessed the construction site for rental units, recognizing the importance of prospering in earthly endeavors while remaining anchored in spiritual connectedness.

As the service concluded, attendees were encouraged to reflect on their connection to Jesus and strive to deepen their relationship with Him, knowing that in Him, they find purpose, fulfillment, and abundant life.

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