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Triumphant Collation and Installation of Three Canons in ACK Kirinyaga Diocese

In a momentous and joyous occasion, the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Kirinyaga Diocese recently celebrated the collation and installation of three distinguished clergy members as Canons. The event, held at ACK St. Thomas Cathedral, was presided over by the esteemed Lord Bishop, Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, with the presence of the Pillar TV crew capturing the memorable moments.

The newly collated and installed Canons are:

  1. Ven Maina Wa Thungururu
    • Recognized for his unwavering dedication and long-standing service, Ven Maina Wa Thungururu’s collation as a Canon is a reflection of his commitment to the church community. His leadership and spiritual guidance have left an enduring impact.
  2. Ven John Ngechu
    • Ven John Ngechu’s installation as a Canon highlights his tireless efforts in advancing the mission of the church. His pastoral care, leadership, and spiritual influence have contributed significantly to the growth and well-being of the ACK Kirinyaga Diocese.
  3. Rev Beth Ndegwa
    • Rev Beth Ndegwa’s installation as a Canon is a testament to her personal achievements and dedication to fostering spiritual growth and community development. Her service has been a source of inspiration, impacting lives within the diocese.

The event was made lively and engaging with Ven Julius Kiura serving as the Master of Ceremonies. The sermon, delivered by Thika Bishop The Rt Rev James Kamura, resonated with the theme “Before we speak the Word of God, let it speak to us first.” The message emphasized the importance of personal reflection and internalizing the Word of God before sharing it with others.

The collation and installation ceremony was not only a recognition of individual accomplishments but also a collective celebration of the vibrant faith community within ACK Kirinyaga Diocese. The presence of Pillar TV ensured that the event reached a broader audience, allowing the faithful to share in the joyous occasion.

May the newly installed Canons continue to be pillars of strength, wisdom, and inspiration within the diocese, leading the congregation with faith, dedication, and a commitment to the transformative power of God’s Word.

Collated and installed Canons in respective of saint Barnabas st Joseph st Anna's

Collated and installed Canons in respective of saint Barnabas st Joseph st Anna’s

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