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Empowering Youth for Righteous Pursuits: ACK Kabare and Ngiriambu Diocese KAYO Commissioning Event

In a remarkable event, the ACK Kabare and Ngiriambu Diocese witnessed a significant commissioning ceremony at the KAYO Commissioning Event. The event was centered around the theme “Pursue Righteousness,” drawing insights from the story of Joseph and his journey of making choices in the face of opportunities. Some of the key messages and takeaways from this inspiring event, emphasized the importance of upholding righteousness in today’s world.

Youth Empowerment and Responsibilities:

The essence of the event revolved around the biblical passage from

Genesis 39

Where the story of Joseph unfolded. Addressing the youth, the speakers emphasized that with great opportunities comes equally great responsibilities. The Bible conveys the principle that as much is given to an individual, they are expected to give back in return.

The Resilience of Joseph:

The story of Joseph’s encounter with the wife of Potiphar served as a compelling example. Despite his position of influence in Potiphar’s house, Joseph’s commitment to righteousness remained unwavering. Joseph’s refusal to compromise his values in the face of temptation serves as an inspiring model for today’s youth.

Reasons to Pursue Righteousness:

  1. Reminder of Responsibilities: Pursuing righteousness acts as a constant reminder of the responsibilities individuals hold towards their communities and themselves.
  2. Heightened Sensitivity to Sin: Upholding righteousness heightens one’s sensitivity to sin, enabling them to discern between right and wrong with greater clarity.
  3. Continuous Alignment with God: The pursuit of righteousness facilitates an ongoing connection with God, enabling individuals to respond to His call at all times.

The event was graced by Reverend Stephen Wachira from the KAYO Wanguru Archdeaconary, who passionately shared the message of righteousness with the audience. The leader of the event, Rt Reverend Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, added weight to the commissioning ceremony. A noteworthy mention includes the participation of over 500 youth who were officially commissioned during the event, marking a pivotal moment in their journey.

The ACK Kabare and Ngiriambu Diocese’s commissioning event at the Archdeaconary KAYO stood as a testament to the enduring significance of pursuing righteousness in today’s fast-paced world. Drawing parallels from the story of Joseph, the event underscored the importance of making righteous choices when faced with opportunities. As the youth were empowered and commissioned, the event served as a beacon of hope, guiding them towards a path of responsibility, resilience, and a steadfast connection with God.

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