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Diocesan Celebration of Less Fortunate Children at Utugi Children Center

A day of gratitude and celebration unfolded as Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa led the Utugi Children Center in a heartwarming event. The service was enriched by the testimonies of Utugi alumni who, having journeyed through the center, have now blossomed into professionals in various sectors of life. The occasion served as a testament to the transformative impact of the center.

A Call for Wholesome Health

Manager Mother Mercy delivered an insightful sermon on the importance of wholesome health, emphasizing the responsibility of every individual to care for their well-being. Her words resonated deeply, touching on the holistic development of these young lives.

Supporting the Welfare of Utugi

Distinguished guests, including members of the Utugi council and clergy, joined in the celebration, offering their generous donations towards the welfare of the center. The contributions are crucial in nurturing the young boys, guiding them towards a path of responsible manhood. Recognizing the need to expand, plans for the construction of girls’ dormitories are underway, ensuring a holistic approach to nurturing both genders.

A Blessing in Giving

The spirit of giving was palpable, underscoring the profound truth that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive. The call for continued support echoes, inviting all those interested in making a difference to come forward and contribute. For those willing to participate, kindly express your interest, and assistance will be provided to facilitate your donation.

The Diocesan Celebration of Less Fortunate Children at Utugi Children Center stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to the transformative power of care, guidance, and education. Under the steadfast leadership of Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa and the dedicated team at Utugi Children Center, lives are being shaped, and futures are being ignited. This occasion is an invitation to all who are moved to make a difference in the lives of these young souls, contributing to the building of a brighter, more promising future.

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