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Nurturing Wholesome Development: Acknowledging the Annual Diocesan Development Day

July 9th marked a significant day on the calendar as the annual Diocesan Development Day unfolded at the magnificent ACK St. Thomas Cathedral in Kerugoya. Led by the esteemed RT Rev Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, Bishop of ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga, the event resonated with the essence of nurturing holistic growth and progress. This article encapsulates the essence of the Development Day, focusing on the enlightening sermon delivered by Rev Professor Zablon Mutongu and the overarching theme of wholesome development.

A Convergence of Growth: Acknowledging Development Day

The Diocesan Development Day emerged as a momentous occasion, gathering individuals with a shared vision of nurturing growth and progress. The splendid setting of ACK St. Thomas Cathedral in Kerugoya served as the backdrop for this significant event.

The Sermon: Navigating Wholesome Development

Rev Professor Zablon Mutongu’s sermon resonated with the theme of the day – “Wholesome Development,” anchored in Exodus 35:22. He eloquently expressed that when an individual neglects the development of their surroundings, the thought of relocating often emerges. The concept of sustainability was highlighted, emphasizing that every church possesses the potential to sustain itself using its available resources.

Henry Venn’s Pillars of Development

Rev Professor Zablon Mutongu drew from Henry Venn’s development theory, which stands on three pillars:

  1. Self-governing
  2. Self-propagating
  3. Self-supporting

To uphold these principles, the importance of leadership and funding was emphasized. The call to churches to move beyond dependency and embrace self-sustainability was a pivotal message.

Foundations of Wholesome Wealth

The sermon delved into the foundational elements of wholesome wealth:

  1. Health: Encouraging good eating and drinking habits while avoiding risky lifestyles.
  2. Social Capital: Nurturing relationships, fostering social wealth.
  3. Financial Health: Multiplying resources through prudent management.

Giving and Worship: A Spiritual Connection

The sermon touched on the profound concept of giving. It was underscored that giving to ministry is not merely a mathematical act but a form of worship. The act of giving was intertwined with a deep relationship with Christ, serving as a form of devotion.

Progressive Giving and Abundant Blessings

Rev Professor Zablon Mutongu advocated for progressive giving, aligning one’s giving with their growth. The act of giving was portrayed as a strengthener of faith, an investment in the eternal, and a therapeutic balm for the mind.

As the event concluded, the Diocesan Development Day left an indelible mark. The enlightening sermon by Rev Professor Zablon Mutongu encapsulated the essence of holistic growth and progress. Attendees were urged to embrace self-sustainability and nurture wholesome wealth. The act of giving was portrayed as a profound connection to worship and a means to embrace abundance. Under the guidance of RT Rev Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, the event celebrated the journey toward wholesome development, solidifying the Diocese’s commitment to progress and growth.

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