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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Inspires Hope Amidst Challenging Times at Guama Parish Confirmation Service

In an enlightening service held at Guama Parish, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa delivered a powerful sermon centered on hope amidst adversity, referencing Mark 13:24-37. He conveyed a message of anticipation for better times, despite the signs pointing to the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

Key Points of the Sermon:

  1. The Coming of Jesus: Bishop Kibucwa emphasized the signs indicating the second coming of Jesus Christ. He highlighted the world’s challenges—economic hardships, global unrest, and the rise of false prophets—as indicative of Jesus’s imminent return, as detailed in the Book of Mark.
  2. Hope Amid Darkness: Even amidst the prevalent darkness and confusion, Bishop Kibucwa instilled hope, assuring the congregation that better times are forthcoming. He stressed the importance of retaining hope and faith during times of despair, as Jesus stands alongside believers in every situation.
  3. Remain Alert and Vigilant: Urging believers to stay vigilant, the Bishop echoed Jesus’s warning about the uncertainty surrounding the timing of His return. He encouraged a state of alertness and sobriety in spirit and mind, preparing for the unexpected arrival of the Lord, akin to a thief in the night.

Nature of the Service

The service encompassed the retirement of layreader Simon Muchira and the confirmation of 70 individuals. Vicar Doreen Muthoni was in charge of the parish proceedings, with Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa presiding over the service.

Bishop Kibucwa’s message resonated deeply, urging the congregation to maintain faith and hope, fostering a sense of preparedness for the unpredictable return of Jesus Christ.

Presiding Bishop: Dr. Joseph Kibucwa

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