Governor Wamatangi To Azimio: It’s Time To Move On

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has downplayed Wednesday’s report by a purported IEBC whistleblower claiming that Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga won the the August 9, 2022, General Election.

The report released by Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni alleged that Raila won the polls after garnering 8,170,355 votes ahead of his then competitor and now president, William Ruto, who allegedly managed 5,919,973 votes.

Speaking to Citizen TV during Thursday’s Day Break program, Governor Wamatangi however said the Supreme Court already upheld Ruto’s win and the country needs to move on from the election.

“The Supreme Court made a decision based on all the evidence that was produced before it by both parties and they upheld that was was pronounced in Bomas was indeed what the will of the people of Kenya,” the UDA-allied governor said.

He urged members of the Azimio coalition to focus on overseeing government operations as opposition, instead of what he described as throwing spanners at the Kenya Kwanza government’s work.

“All these stories about dossiers is what just happens most of the time when you have an election loser, unfortunately. Once you have lost fairly, get to work and settle down…Raila Odinga should let the government work, lead the opposition and do the work of oversight,” said Wamatangi.

Azimio’a report showed that voting results from 144 constituencies were allegedly altered by some IEBC officials to give Ruto an edge in the contest.

Kioni also claimed that the majority of the alleged electoral malpractices were done within the Mt Kenya region which has a notably large voter basket.  

According to Wamatangi, such claims are expected as the coalition tries to “remain relevant” after the election loss.

“In this country it has become a fashionable fall back plan that to remain relevant, you try and throw all manner of spanners in the works as the elected group gets into work. The smoke that comes out of it now becomes out of it becomes the talk,” he said.

“The country wants to move on.”

Azimio has in the meantime promised to issue a comprehensive report on the findings, allegedly compiled by NGO called Vanguard Africa, once party leader Odinga returns from South Africa.

Odinga is hosting a series of meetings in his capacity as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

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