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God’s Timing is Perfect: Laying Foundation Stone at ACK Mathia Church and Consecration of Ebenezer Church, Kiangobe

In a powerful service that combined the laying of a foundation stone at ACK Mathia Church and the consecration of Ebenezer Church, Kiangobe, the congregation witnessed the perfect timing of God’s intervention. The sermon, centered on Mark 5:21-43, brought to light two intertwined stories that showcased Jesus ministering to individuals of differing social statuses, yet meeting their needs perfectly. This article delves into the essence of the message, the significant events of the day, and the spiritual insights shared.

A Tale of Two Miracles: God’s Perfect Timing

The narrative from Mark 5:21-43 illustrates two contrasting yet interwoven stories that highlight the impeccable timing of God. As Jesus made His way to Jairus, a prominent synagogue leader, He was interrupted by a woman suffering from a chronic ailment. Both stories, though different in social context, culminate in miraculous healings, underscoring the theme that God’s timing is always perfect.

Points to Note:

1. Jairus’ Desperate Race: Jairus, driven by desperation to save his dying daughter, seeks out Jesus. Despite the crowd and interruptions, including the significant delay caused by the bleeding woman, Jairus’ faith is tested. When news arrives that his daughter has died, Jesus reassures him, stating she is merely asleep. Jairus’ experience reflects our own moments of desperation, where we might feel God’s intervention is delayed, yet His timing remains impeccable.

2. The Bleeding Woman’s Desperate Push: In stark contrast to Jairus, the bleeding woman, considered an outcast due to her condition, pushes through the crowd in a desperate bid to touch Jesus’ cloak. Her faith and determination result in immediate healing. Her story teaches us the power of hope and perseverance in Jesus, even when society deems us unworthy.

3. Jesus’ Conversation with Our Pain and Battles: A significant element of the narrative is Jesus’ insistence on identifying the woman who touched Him, even as Jairus anxiously waits. This interaction highlights how Jesus addresses our pain and battles, initiating conversations that lead to deeper healing and understanding. It serves as a reminder that in our moments of distress, God engages with us, providing comfort and answers through prayer and faith.

Service Highlights

The day was marked by the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone at ACK Mathia Church and the consecration of Ebenezer Church in Kiangobe. These significant milestones reflect the growth and dedication of the community to their spiritual journey.

Conclusion: Embracing God’s Perfect Timing

The events at ACK Mathia Church and Ebenezer Church, Kiangobe, were a testament to the community’s faith and commitment. The sermon on God’s perfect timing provided profound insights, encouraging the congregation to trust in God’s plan, despite the delays and distractions that life may present. Whether through desperate races or determined pushes, the faithful are reminded that God’s timing is always perfect, and His interventions are always timely and meaningful.

As we continue our journey, let us hold steadfast to our faith, trusting in God’s perfect timing, and embracing the conversations He initiates with us in our moments of pain and battles.

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