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Pursuit of Honor and Righteousness

The ACK Kirinyaga Diocese’s recent Cathedral, Mutira, and Kiandangae KAYO commissioning event turned the spotlight on a compelling theme –

"Pursue Righteousness." Drawing inspiration from 2 Timothy 2:20

The event invited reflection on becoming vessels of honor while navigating the complexities of modern life.

At the heart of the event was the analogy of a house, housing both noble and common items. This metaphor extended to humanity itself, where individuals were likened to vessels created for unique purposes. Notably, young people found themselves in roles of honor within the church, embodying vessels of distinction and purpose.

The message underscored how the content carried by a vessel defines its essence. Aligning with godly virtues paints one as a vessel of honor. Conversely, indulging in wickedness, violence, and impurity leads to ignoble uses. Attendees were encouraged to make conscious choices to embody honor and righteousness.

In the digital age, guarding hearts against negative influences emerged as a significant theme, with particular emphasis on the youth. The event cautioned against harmful media, including dishonorable content like pornography. Participants were challenged to resist ungodliness and instead, invest in the transformative power of God’s word.

A resounding message echoed the importance of Christ-centered thinking, which holds the potential to shape actions and decisions. Meditating on God’s word was presented as a pathway to excellence. The event’s focus aligned with Rev James Kariuki’s sermon, which resonated with the call for purposeful choices

Acknowledgment was extended to the presiding bishop, RT Rev Dr Joseph Kibucwa, as well as the event’s venue – Baricho Church. The involvement of archdeaconaries, including Cathedral, Mutira, and Kiandangae, illustrated the event’s broad-reaching impact.

The commissioning event serves as a beacon of inspiration, underscoring the journey to pursue honor and righteousness. Embracing the theme “Pursue Righteousness,” attendees were invited to reflect on the analogy of vessels and the significance of the content they carry. In a world where choices abound, the call to embody godliness, resist negative influences, and foster Christ-shaped thinking holds profound relevance. As the event celebrated the commissioning of 800 individuals, the profound impact of these teachings echoed in their commitment to become vessels of honor and righteousness.

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