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ACK Diocese of Kirinyaga Sends Aid to Flood-Affected Areas in Kirinyaga County

In response to the recent flooding that has devastated parts of Kirinyaga County, the A.C.K Diocese of Kirinyaga has mobilized to provide aid to affected communities. The aid initiative has focused on various stations in Mwea and Ndia, delivering much-needed supplies and support to those impacted by the disaster.

Relief Efforts:

  • The Diocese coordinated the distribution of essential supplies to flood-hit areas, ensuring that families and individuals receive immediate relief.
  • Key affected areas include multiple stations in the Mwea and Ndia regions, where flooding has caused significant disruption and hardship.

Community Support:

  • The relief operation highlights the Diocese’s commitment to supporting its community in times of crisis.
  • Efforts are ongoing to assess and address the needs of those affected, providing not only physical supplies but also spiritual and emotional support.

Call to Action:

  • The Diocese has called upon individuals with a heart for goodwill to contribute to the relief efforts. Donations can be sent via the provided paybill number 764836 to support those in need.

Leadership and Coordination:

  • The aid initiative is being overseen by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph K. Kibucwa, ensuring that relief efforts are well-organized and effectively meet the needs of affected communities.

Community Resilience:

  • The Diocese’s response to the flooding underscores the resilience and solidarity of the Kirinyaga community. By working together, the community can overcome the challenges posed by the natural disaster.

For more updates and information on how to assist, please visit the A.C.K Diocese of Kirinyaga website and social media platforms.

Correspondent: ACK Kirinyaga Diocese

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