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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Launches Devolved Brigade Enrollment at Mutira, Cathedral, and Kiandangae Archdeaconaries

In a significant milestone today, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa spearheaded the inauguration of the first Devolved Brigade enrollment. This historic event brought together Mutira Archdeaconary, Cathedral Archdeaconary, and Kiandangae Archdeaconary. The sermon, delivered by the Sunday school and Brigade chair lady, revolved around the theme “A Healthy Soldier,” emphasizing the importance of mentorship and emulation of Christ-like qualities.

Key Highlights:

  1. Devolved Brigade Enrollment: Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa initiated the enrollment program that encompassed the participation of around 500 children. This groundbreaking initiative aimed to unite Mutira, Cathedral, and Kiandangae Archdeaconaries under the Devolved Brigade.
  2. Sermon Theme – “A Healthy Soldier”: The sermon, delivered by the Sunday school and Brigade chair lady, focused on cultivating a healthy spiritual life and character among the children. Emphasizing mentorship rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the message aimed to guide the young participants toward exemplary Christian conduct.

Implications of the Event

The commissioning of the Devolved Brigade enrollment marks a significant step in unifying and empowering children across Mutira, Cathedral, and Kiandangae Archdeaconaries. It serves as a platform for fostering spiritual growth, mentorship, and the embodiment of Christian virtues among the young members of the congregation.

Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa’s leadership in inaugurating the Devolved Brigade enrollment signifies a forward-looking approach to nurturing and guiding the youth within the church community. The sermon’s emphasis on instilling values aligned with Christ’s teachings aims to mold these children into spiritually healthy individuals, ensuring a strong foundation for their future in faith.

This initiative stands as a testament to the church’s commitment to equipping the younger generation with essential moral and spiritual principles, under the guidance of Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa.

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