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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Launches Kerugoya Central Mission and Crusade at St. Thomas Cathedral

Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa led a prayer session for missionaries and inaugurated The Great Kerugoya Central Mission and Crusade at St. Thomas Cathedral today. The mission aims to spread the gospel across parishes within Mutira and Cathedral Archdeaconries, commencing from Monday and spanning until Sunday.

Mission’s Theme

The theme for this significant endeavor is drawn from Luke 4:18, encapsulating the mission’s essence—”He came to set captives free.”

Objectives and Initiatives

The core objective of the mission is to preach the gospel and convey the transformative message of liberation and salvation throughout the designated parishes. Missionaries will embark on an intense week-long schedule, engaging fervently in various outreach activities aimed at sharing the Christian faith.

Bishop’s Encouragement

During the inauguration, Bishop Kibucwa emphasized the importance of this mission, echoing the words of Luke 4:18, wherein Christ’s mission was to liberate humanity from spiritual bondage. He encouraged the missionaries to carry this transformative message with zeal, spreading hope, faith, and spiritual freedom to all they encounter.

The launch of the Kerugoya Central Mission and Crusade at St. Thomas Cathedral underlines a dedicated effort to carry out Christ’s mission of redemption and freedom. Through fervent preaching and outreach initiatives, the missionaries aim to inspire spiritual awakening and empowerment among the communities they serve.

The church looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of this mission as it unfolds throughout the week across the designated parishes in Mutira and Cathedral Archdeaconries.

Presiding Bishop: Dr. Joseph Kibucwa

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