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Historic Consecration of St. Paul’s Church Itangi by Bishop Marks New Chapter in South Ngariama

In a monumental event witnessed on the 23rd of November 2023, the Bishop consecrated the newly constructed St. Paul’s Church Itangi, marking a historic milestone in the spiritual landscape of South Ngariama. The consecration was a testament to the church’s remarkable growth since its inception in 2009. Additionally, earlier ceremonies included the laying of the foundation stone for ACK Kamanoro church, situated in the vibrant community of South Ngariama.

Bishop’s Visit and Message

The occasion welcomed the esteemed presence of the Bishop, who was graciously hosted by the Parish Priest and warmly received by the Archdeacon, Area Deans, and the entire clergy of Wanguru Archdeaconry. The Bishop delivered a compelling sermon drawn from Isaiah 10:33-11:9, emphasizing the theme of “Things Are Becoming Better.” This poignant message was particularly poignant as the congregation enters the season of Advent, anticipating the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Significance of the Event

The consecration of St. Paul’s Church Itangi symbolizes not only a physical structure but also a spiritual and communal achievement. Its growth since 2009 stands as a testament to the dedication, faith, and unity within the South Ngariama community. The foundation stone laying ceremony for ACK Kamanoro church also marks a promising new chapter in the religious landscape of the area.

This historical event, graced by the Bishop’s presence and his enlightening sermon, signifies a new era of spiritual vitality and growth in South Ngariama. The consecration of St. Paul’s Church Itangi embodies a collective effort towards a stronger and more vibrant spiritual community, encapsulated in the anticipation of the Advent season and the imminent arrival of Jesus Christ.

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