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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Leads Commissioning of Kerugoya Church House, Advocating Wholesome Health

An auspicious event unfolded as Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa spearheaded the commissioning of the Kerugoya Church House. Grounded in the teachings of 3 John, this occasion emphasized the unity of Christians in their mission while cautioning against leaders driven by personal gain over the truth. The ceremony began with a heartfelt wish for good health, acknowledging that it encompasses mental, bodily, and spiritual well-being.

Promoting Holistic Health

Bishop David emphasized that a healthy church body is crucial for its prosperity. He articulated that robust health is the cornerstone of the church’s investment capacity, enabling self-sustainability in Early Childhood Education (ECE) initiatives. The message resounded for Christians to collaborate harmoniously, focusing on their shared mission and avoiding divisiveness.

Encouraging Development and Generosity

In the spirit of cheerful giving, Christians were encouraged to actively support development endeavors. This call to generosity was underscored as a fundamental aspect of a thriving and unified church community. Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa fervently warned against the influence of leaders akin to Diotrephes, who prioritize personal reputation and power over the sacred truth.

Why Wholesome Bodies Matter

A healthy body, Bishop David emphasized, magnifies God’s glory. Recognizing our bodies as divine temples, he urged that they serve as witnesses to His grace. Additionally, vitality grants Christians the energy to wholeheartedly engage in God’s work, embodying the role of good stewards.

Historic Commissioning

Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa took center stage in commissioning the first and ground floors of the Kerugoya Church House. This monumental step paves the way for the completion of a soaring eleven-floor tower that will grace the Kerugoya skyline. The ceremony unfolded within the hallowed halls of the cathedral, resonating with spiritual significance.

Sermon by Bishop David Nkaabu, Bishop of Meru Diocese

Bishop David Nkaabu of the Meru Diocese delivered a stirring sermon, complementing the themes of unity, health, and stewardship that permeated the event.

Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, the revered leader of the diocese, presided over the commissioning ceremony and played the gracious host, underlining his dedication to the spiritual and infrastructural growth of the community.

The momentous ceremony unfolded within the sacred confines of the Cathedral, amplifying the spiritual significance of the event.

The ceremony marked the official commissioning of the “ACK Church Complex House Kerugoya,” a milestone that promises to shape the spiritual landscape of the region.

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