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MU Kabare Archdeaconary Commissioning: Unveiling Matters of the Heart

In a thought-provoking sermon at the MU Kabare Archdeaconary Commissioning, Rev. Grace Muchiri delved into the intricacies of the human heart. She questioned the congregation on the essence of joining the Mother’s Union, emphasizing that the matters of the heart are deeply significant, yet often concealed.

Unmasking the Heart

Rev. Muchiri eloquently unraveled the complexities of the heart, a realm known only to God. She guided the congregation through the hearts of three notable biblical figures, highlighting the profound impact of heart condition.

  1. John the Apostle:
    • Known for his genuine affection for Gaius, John’s heart overflowed with love and care. His faithfulness and impartiality towards both acquaintances and strangers reflected the purity of his heart.
    • Gaius, characterized by his exceptional hospitality, embodied a heart open to others.
  2. Diotrephes:
    • In stark contrast, Diotrephes’ heart harbored detrimental traits:
      • Gossiping tendencies.
      • A self-centered and self-serving disposition.
      • An insatiable desire for prominence.
      • An inclination to hinder people from attending church gatherings.
  3. Demetrius:
    • Although relatively less is known about Demetrius, Rev. Muchiri highlighted his inherent goodness. His heart seemingly reflected a blend of virtue and humility.

The Heart’s Significance

Rev. Muchiri stressed that God does not assess us based on certifications, attire, or religious vestments. Instead, He scrutinizes the matters of our hearts, recognizing the true essence within.

A Call to Uphold Vows

Candidates were urged to uphold their vows with utmost care. The preacher cautioned against any backsliding that might tarnish the reputation of the Mother’s Union.

Rev. Grace Muchiri’s exposition unearthed the profound influence of heart condition. Her sermon served as a poignant reminder that our innermost selves, often concealed, carry unparalleled significance in the eyes of God. Presiding over this transformative event, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa bore witness to this vital message at the ACK Kianyaga Church.

Sermon by: Rev. Grace Muchiri
Type of Sermon: Exposition
Presiding Bishop: Dr. Joseph Kibucwa
Venue: Ack Kianyaga Church

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