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Saitabao Kanchory Says Raila Should ‘Give A Clear Way Forward Or Hold His Peace’

Raila Odinga’s chief agent in the August 2022 polls Saitabao Kanchory has poked holes into the Azimio leader’s new plan to oppose President Ruto’s government. 

Reacting to Raila’s Kamukunji rally held on Monday, January 23, Kanchory opined that it is too risky to follow a leader who has no clear plan or endgame.  

“Who was the first to reject the 2022 Presidential Results? Who was the first to warn the Nation of all the electoral fraud now being belatedly presented? Who put his life on the line? It’s risky to follow someone who has no clear plan or endgame,” Kanchory wrote.  

While referring to the rally held by Raila at the Kamukunji grounds, Kanchory said there was need for the opposition leader to give a way forward. 

“Baba Raila Odinga should give a clear way forward or hold his peace. Kenyans don’t have time for silly games,” he said. 

In the rally, Raila rejected the legitimacy of Ruto’s government citing irregularities and malpractices in 2022 polls. 

“We, as Azimio reject the 2022 election results. We can’t and won’t recognize the Kenya Kwanza regime and consider the Kenya Kwanza government illegitimate. We don’t recognise Mr William Ruto as President of Kenya and we equally don’t recognise any officials in office with him,” he said.

On his part, Kanchory has in the past blamed Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, former ICT CS Joe Mucheru and Makau Mutua for Raila’s August 9 poll loss. 

“We could not have lost this election if it weren’t for three people. The first one is Junet Mohamed, the second is Joe Mucheru and the third is Makau Mutua. These are people I have worked with and respect but in terms of responsibility, they take the highest responsibility,” he told NTV on December 12. 

He claimed Raila refused to listen to them and could only listen to Junet Mohamed without question. 

“The only person Baba would listen to without question was Junet. Even if you had truth and you told Baba and Junet comes with darkness, Baba would side with Junet,” he said.

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