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‘We Will Stop At Nothing To Reclaim Our Victory,’ Raila’s Aide Makau Mutua Says

Prof. Makau Mutua, Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s campaign secretariat spokesperson, has stated that they will not abandon their quest for “victory” in the 2022 General Election, which they allege, was rigged in favor of President William Ruto.

Mutua accused the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party rule of working in collaboration with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and some international parties whose identities he refused to reveal on Citizen TV’s JKL show on Wednesday.

He claimed that the Azimio camp spent time gathering concrete evidence to back up their allegations against President Ruto.

“We believe that this election was stolen and rigged by UDA, IEBC in cahoots with some international interests and we have evidence of that,” he noted.

“If the will of the people is subverted by cartels of individuals working in cahoots with institutions within the state to steal an election and the people are not angry then something is wrong. We will stop at nothing to reclaim our victory.”

Prof. Mutua went on to say that they had deliberated on the issue for several months since the President was sworn in and felt it was appropriate to present it to Kenyans now.

“If we have evidence of such a thing what do you want us to do, do you want us to just go down and forget about it? What is our responsibility to the people of this country?” he posed.

“It takes time to gather evidence and we have gathered it, and now we are presenting it to the Kenyan people. We are not in government. Allow us to do that. It’s a country where people can ventilate.”

This lies against the backdrop of a public announcement made by Raila, demanding that the Kenya Kwanza government does not have the mandate to rule and should resign. 

He has likewise asked his supporters to oppose the UDA party rule, which he claims, they do not support. 

The Azimio leader spoke to a recent dossier by a purported IEBC whistleblower claiming that Odinga won the 2022 election.

On August 15, 2022, IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati declared Ruto the president-elect after he received 7,176,141 votes, representing 50.49 percent of the total votes cast, while Odinga received 6,942,930 votes, representing 48 percent of the votes cast.

According to the report, Odinga won the election with 8,170,355 votes, beating Ruto, who received 5,919,973 votes.

Narc-Kenya party leader Martha Karua has similarly demanded that all IEBC servers need to be opened to the public to scrutinize the truth behind the tallying of the presidential votes.

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