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Raila Will Not Get Even An Inch Of Ruto’s Government – MP Koech

Belgut Member of Parliament (MP) Nelson Koech has downplayed the claims given by Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga that the 2022 General Election was bangled in favor of President William Ruto.

According to MP Koech, Raila is fond of rallying his supporters to oppose a ruling government whenever he loses an election and this one too is no different.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak Show on Tuesday, MP Koech claimed that all Raila intends to achieve is to force the government into a political handshake, accusing him as an individual who is thirsty for power.

He opined that President Ruto is keen on denying Raila the possibility of a handshake and that he will barely touch the helm of the government’s cloak. 

“This is a movie that I know the end of the story. It’s the same one that has been repeated from 1997, it’s continued to be repeated, it’s the same script, same election tackle and same results,” said MP Koech.

“But I can tell you from the voice of William Ruto, not an inch from this government will Raila Odinga get. We know the endgame of all these shenanigans which is to share power, a handshake. It is a selfish, simple interest of an individual who is perpetually thirsty of power.”

MP Koech further accused Raila of breeding anarchy in the nation because all he aims for is gaining power and not giving constructive criticism to government.

He noted that Raila, during his public rally on Monday, should have aired out the reforms that ought to be adopted by the government but instead chose the opposite direction.

“Raila wants to breed insurgency simply because he wants power. It is not about development. Yesterday at Kamukunji I was expecting a robust debate on what exactly is ailing this country, what is going to happen, and provide some solutions. We accept criticism,” he said. 

On Raila’s demand that the election servers need to be opened, MP Koech termed it as a bootless errand as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had ensured that there is optimum transparency in results transmission during the polls.

“When you say you want the servers open which ones do you want? It was out there all you needed to do is to sit at your house and read what is loaded on the portal. This was the most transparent election ever in the history of the nation,” he noted.

The same was echoed by President Ruto on Monday when he said that the IEBC conducted a transparent election and he enjoyed full mandate from the people Kenya.

“Chebukati na IEBC walifungua server zamani. Form 34A kutoka kila polling station iko kwa portal, Form 34B iko kwa portal. Form 34C iko kwa portal. Hii server wanasema ifunguliwe ni server gani?” posed Ruto.

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