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Baptism of Jesus: Four V’s and the Divine Call

In a spiritually enriching service centered around the Baptism of Jesus, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa expounded on four key elements represented by the letter V in Mark 1:9-11, inviting the congregation to reflect on the deeper meanings of this significant event.

Four V’s of the Baptism of Jesus:

  1. Visit: Bishop highlighted the unexpected nature of Jesus’ visit to the Jordan for baptism. Despite being from a humble background in Nazareth, Jesus chose to be baptized in Jordan, challenging the preconceived notion that only individuals from affluent areas would seek baptism. This emphasized the idea that something good can indeed emerge from unexpected and humble places.
  2. Voice: The Voice represents the Word of God. Bishop called upon the congregation to engage with the Bible and seek to understand what God is conveying through His Word. The call to listen to the divine voice through scripture is a vital aspect of the Christian journey.
  3. Validation: God validated Jesus as His Son and affirmed His call as the Savior. Drawing a parallel, the candidates were reminded that God is validating their call and commitment today. The act of baptism becomes a validation of one’s faith and a public declaration of alignment with Christ.
  4. Vision: Bishop encouraged the body of Christ to have a vision that transcends present challenges. Using the example of the harmonious bonding in New Gatuto parish, despite diverse backgrounds, he urged candidates and the congregation to see beyond immediate circumstances and embrace a broader vision for the future.

Additional Calls from the Baptism:

  1. Guarantee of Divine Protection: Bishop emphasized the assurance of divine protection by referring to Jesus’ time in the wilderness. Despite the presence of wild animals, symbolic of evil spirits and demons, Jesus was unharmed, showcasing God’s protection.
  2. Call to the Good News of Repentance: The good news that emerged after Jesus’ temptation was a call to repentance. Bishop urged the congregation to respond to this call, recognizing that repentance is the pathway to overcoming social and personal temptations.

In the afternoon session, Bishop blessed three different land parcels acquired by Ack Kirima church, reinforcing the theme of divine blessings and growth within the community.

Service Details:

  • Venue: Ack Kirima church
  • Host: Rural Dean Robert Kariuki
  • Nature of Service: Confirmation; Holy Communion

The Baptism of Jesus, with its four V’s and additional calls, provided a rich tapestry for reflection on the divine call and the transformative journey of faith. May the congregation and candidates be inspired to heed the call to repentance, envision a future beyond challenges, and find assurance in the divine protection that accompanies their faith journey.

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