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Bishop Leads Green Anglican Movement in Environmental Awareness Campaign

Today, the Diocesan Bishop took the helm of the Green Anglican movement, spearheading an impactful environmental awareness walk and tree planting initiative. The event, aimed at promoting ecological consciousness and sustainability, saw the participation of numerous members and supporters.

Commencing at the office grounds, participants embarked on a symbolic walk through the bustling streets of Kutus town. Amidst banners and enthusiastic chants, the procession drew attention to the pressing need for environmental stewardship and conservation.

The culmination of the event took place at Safari ya Biblia, where over 500 trees were ceremoniously planted. This concerted effort not only beautifies the landscape but also contributes to the restoration of vital green spaces and the mitigation of climate change effects.

The occasion was captured and documented by Pillar TV, with extensive coverage available on their website and YouTube channel. Through collective action and advocacy, the Green Anglican movement continues to make significant strides in nurturing a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with the environment.

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