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Harmony in Family Lessons from Psalm 133 – Diocesan Choir Day 2024

In a joyous and spiritually uplifting event, the Diocesan Choir Day 2024 was celebrated with a focus on the theme of “Happy Family” as inspired by Psalm 133. The Presiding Bishop, Rt Rev Dr Joseph Karimi Kibucwa, delivered a profound message, drawing parallels between the unity in families and the harmonious melodies of a choir.

Three Illustrations of Happy Family from Psalm 133:

  1. Anointing Oil – Vertical Influence (God)
    • The anointing oil in the psalm symbolized the vertical influence of God on the family. Just as Aaron was anointed for priestly service, the fragrance of the expensive oil filled the temple. Bishop emphasized the need for a good fragrance in family life, stemming from the fear of God. Mutual obedience and love among family members, echoing the biblical teachings for wives, husbands, and children, contribute to this divine fragrance.
  2. Rainfalls – Horizontal Influence (Human)
    • The second illustration involved rainfall, representing the horizontal influence among family members. The analogy of snow falling on Hermon and flowing down to Zion highlighted the concept of dryness transforming into fertility. Family members are called to influence one another positively, learning from each other as part of the Church and the larger human family.
  3. Unity
    • Unity, Bishop stressed, is crucial, as God despises separation. In the family, choir, and Church, diversity should lead to unity. Despite the challenges that families may face, Bishop encouraged struggling to bring families together, as it is within these struggles that God works. Blessings are commanded where there is unity in the family, and this blessing extends to eternal life.

Conclusion and Call to Unity

The Psalm, Bishop noted, is a journey to eternity through love in the family, the Church, and ultimately, heaven. The Diocesan Choir Day celebration also included a fundraiser and the launch of thematic music to be sung throughout the Year of Family in 2024.

The service, hosted by Rural Mrs. Gatuai and Rev. Karware at ACK Karaini Primary School, served as a reminder of the beauty that arises when families, like a harmonious choir, come together in unity and love. May the lessons from Psalm 133 resonate in the hearts of families, creating a melody of joy and togetherness in their journey toward eternity.

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