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Unstoppable Philip: Journey to Gaza and Consecration of ACK St. Philip Kirutira Church

In a powerful parallel to the biblical account of Philip the evangelist’s unwavering journey to Gaza, Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa presided over the consecration of the ACK St. Philip Kirutira Church, located within the Gakoigo Parish. Drawing on the scriptures from the Book of Acts, Bishop Kibucwa highlighted the profound similarities between Philip’s mission and that of Jonah, emphasizing their shared call to save the gentiles.

Philip’s Purposeful Journey

Philip’s resolute journey took him from Jerusalem to the desert of Gaza, mirroring the journey of obedience and dedication that Jonah initially resisted. Along the way, Philip encountered an Ethiopian of noble stature engrossed in the reading of the Book of Isaiah. Sensing the man’s thirst for understanding, Philip inquired, “Do you understand what you are reading?” This exchange led to a profound explanation of the Gospel of Jesus, ultimately culminating in the Ethiopian’s fervent desire to be baptized.

Comparing Philip and Jonah

The narratives of Philip and Jonah converge in their shared purpose, geographical destinations, and the people they were called to minister to. Both were commissioned to bring the Gospel to the gentiles, with Philip venturing into the desert of Gaza, while Jonah was tasked with proclaiming repentance to the opulent city of Nineveh.

The Gospel’s Profound Benefits

Philip expounded on the immense benefits of embracing the Gospel of Jesus. He highlighted its significance in offering a definitive sacrifice, emphasizing that no other blood can bring salvation. Additionally, Philip underscored the unifying power of a single baptism, one that invokes the name of Jesus, and the unparalleled promise of salvation.

A Joyful Celebration of Salvation

The consecration ceremony resounded with an exuberant celebration of salvation, rooted in unwavering trust in the name of Jesus. The clergy from various archdeaconries, along with witnesses and participants, including Ven. Julius Njogu, who generously donated the land for the church, and former vicar Rev. Gathara, who initiated the construction, were present to witness this momentous occasion.

The consecration of the ACK St. Philip Kirutira Church stands as a testament to the unwavering faith and dedication of the community, guided by the inspirational leadership of Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa. The parallels drawn between Philip’s resolute journey and the consecration ceremony serve as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential that lies in embracing the Gospel of Jesus. This momentous occasion is a beacon of hope and salvation for all who seek refuge in the name of Jesus.

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