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Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa Celebrates Success at Ack Kagumo Parish Office and Confirmation Day

A day of spiritual triumph unfolded at ACK Kagumo Parish, where Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa presided over the confirmation of over 123 candidates. The occasion was doubly significant as it also marked the commissioning of the new Evangelist and the blessing of the parish’s boardroom.

The Empowered Disciples

The day’s teachings drew inspiration from Luke 10:17-21, when Jesus commissioned the 70 disciples. Endowed with power and authority, they embarked on a mission to spread the good news, heal the ailing, and cast out demons. The ensuing signs and wonders filled the disciples with jubilation.

A Profound Caution

Witnessing their elation, Jesus offered a profound caution, reminding them not to derive their greatest joy from the obedience of spirits, but rather from the assurance that their names were inscribed in the book of life. This reminder illuminated the ultimate purpose and significance of their mission.

A Call to Face Life’s Exams with Faith

Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa extended hearty congratulations to the candidates for their dedicated participation in church classes. He encouraged them to approach life’s final exams with the same unwavering faith that had brought them this far. This milestone, he emphasized, was a testament to their commitment to the faith.

Celebrating Milestones and Eternal Legacy

While celebrations were in order for the accomplishments of the day, the Bishop urged all present never to lose sight of the eternal legacy—the inscription of their names in the book of life. This, he asserted, was the most significant achievement that transcended all earthly successes.

Commissioning of the Evangelist and Boardroom Blessing

The day also witnessed the commissioning of the new Evangelist and the consecration of the parish’s boardroom. These additions symbolized growth and the expansion of the church’s reach and impact.

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