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Celebrating a Call to Extraordinary Mission: Installation and Collation of Ven. Julius Kiura

A remarkable moment of consecration and dedication unfolded as Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa presided over the Installation and Collation of Ven. Julius Kiura, elevating him to the esteemed position of Archdeacon of Kirinyaga – Wanguru Archdeaconry. This event served as a testament to the transformative nature of God’s call to ordinary individuals for extraordinary missions. This article encapsulates the essence of the installation, emphasizing the significance of the sermon’s message and the various meaningful components of the service.

Dedicating a New Archdeacon

Under the guidance of Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa, the Installation and Collation of Ven. Julius Kiura marked a pivotal moment in the Kirinyaga – Wanguru Archdeaconry. The ceremony resonated with the essence of spiritual leadership and dedication.

Sermon: The Power of God’s Call

The service was graced with a thought-provoking sermon: “God Calls Ordinary Person to Extraordinary Mission.” This powerful message echoed the transformative nature of divine calling, reminding attendees that God often selects ordinary individuals for extraordinary missions, highlighting their potential to bring about profound change.

Vows Renewal and Family Blessing

The service was enriched with the vows renewal of Ven. Njagih Kiurah, a momentous occasion that symbolized the enduring commitment of individuals to their spiritual journey. The act was complemented by the blessing of rings, signifying the sanctity of marriage and partnership within the church.

Expressions of Gratitude and Recognition

Amidst the gathering were several county leaders and captains of industries, bearing testament to the impact of Ven. Julius Kiura’s leadership and the significance of the event. A spirit of thanksgiving permeated the atmosphere, underscoring the importance of unity and collaboration within the community.

Youth Empowerment and Blessings

The service extended its reach to the youth resource centers within the church, confirming and blessing these vital spaces of growth and development. This underscored the church’s commitment to nurturing the potential of the younger generation.

Symbolic Representation: The Matron and the Cake

Mary Karimi Kibucwa stood as the matron of the cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing unity and support within the community. The cake-cutting ceremony signified the celebration of this momentous occasion and the shared sense of purpose among attendees.

The Installation and Collation of Ven. Julius Kiura as Archdeacon of Kirinyaga – Wanguru Archdeaconry became a testament to the transformative nature of God’s call. Bishop Dr. Joseph Kibucwa’s guidance underscored the significance of leadership within the church. The sermon’s message emphasized the power of divine calling, reminding attendees of their potential to create extraordinary change. The service’s various components, from vows renewal to youth empowerment, symbolized unity, growth, and commitment within the church. The presence of esteemed leaders and industry figures served as recognition of Ven. Julius Kiura’s influence. As Mary Karimi Kibucwa cut the cake, the event celebrated not only the installation but the shared journey of faith and purpose.

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